7 Questions to help you think about Agile for business change

Many organisations are delivering parts of their overall change agenda using delivery methods based on Agile.

Agile has proven itself for software delivery that lends itself to iterative, incremental and evolutionary change. Now many are exploring the role that Agile can play in the broader, more complex world of business change.

We’ve spoken to a bunch of people who have spent many years delivering business, transformational change and are now helping organisations integrate Agile.

They’re enthusiastic about the value that this can bring. Delivering faster and cheaper; delivering a better outcome through greater collaboration.

And their number one recommendation is very simple…

It’s a mind-set challenge and you need to think very differently

The “traditional” way of delivering transformational change is to use the Waterfall approach. A linear series of very familiar steps.

Agile is not new. It goes back to RAD and DSDM and builds on the efforts to find ways to improve the way change is delivered, especially the design, build and test of application software.

The two worlds increasingly co-exist and business leaders are looking to use Agile for more than just application software.

They want to use the techniques to improve Waterfall, and in doing so, improve the pace, efficiency and effectiveness of delivering their transformation agenda.

There are some questions we first need to address

Every organisation is fascinatingly different. In culture, experience, ambition and approach. But there are some questions that most are asking. It’s these questions that we’re going to try to address in this short article:

  1. Can I use Agile to help deliver a large business change programme?
  2. How do I decide which parts of the programme would lend themselves best to Agile?
  3. If I use Agile, what things should I focus on to help make it successful?
  4. How do I re-align my suppliers so they work alongside us in a more Agile way?
  5. Do I need to recruit a small army of Agile ninjas?
  6. How do I keep all this pragmatic?
  7. If I decide to go ahead, what’s the most important lesson from those who’ve already done this?

In the attached article (download using the button on the right, or click here) we’ve used the experience of those who’ve been here before to take us through these seven simple questions and give you their view on the seven simple answers.



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