Net Zero Carbon Taskforce – with Business in The Community

With the UK Government formally committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, they launched the Net Zero Carbon Taskforce in 2019 with the sole purpose of motivating and mobilising businesses to adopt sustainable practices and reverse the effects of climate change.

2050 may seem a long way off, however by 2030, just 10 years away, the UK needs to have delivered on its commitment to limit global warming to 1.5°C, something many consider only possible by achieving a net zero carbon economy.

Our contribution

Businesses will play a crucial role in developing the low carbon economy and enabling us to reach our goal of net zero by 2050. Project One is privileged to be a member of the ‘Business in The Community’ Net Zero Carbon Taskforce, and Technical Advisory Group, working with and alongside others to develop the roadmap that will support businesses to play their part in the solution.

Ghost26 event – hosted by Business in The Community

9th -13th November 2020 should have seen the biggest international summit the UK has ever hosted, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). The Coronavirus pandemic has seen these plans change, with a 12-month delay to the event – but BiTC are sharing the great work being undertaken and planned by leading members of UK Plc via their 5-day webinar series – 5 days, 5 events, 5 ways to drive change.

It’s important that UK businesses do not hit pause, but instead take action to tackle climate change and Project One is proud to be part of the Net Zero Carbon Taskforce. Watch James’ video to find out more.


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