Change delivery at a UK mortgage company

Enabling more effective change delivery at a UK mortgage company

A UK mortgage company was struggling with a delayed transformation of their core business systems and associated operating model. The required transformation was being driven by the highly competitive market where the ability to implement changes and deploy new services quickly and safely was critical to success. Their change delivery capabilities were dispersed into multiple teams and not set up to support the required fast paced and innovative journey and to keep it under control.

  • Project One provided deep experience of how to structure and operate change delivery and set up a new operating model based around a single business change capability. This included the development of a single portfolio view over the entire change landscape and its alignments towards the company’s strategic vision. The team also created an enhanced business change approach, based on examples from other customers and adapted to meet the needs of the business areas.



  • Once the new structures and processes were in place, Project One re-vitalised delivery of the change portfolio, managing the team on an interim basis and uplifting their capability and change leadership know-how. This also involved significant stakeholder management of the Executive team to remove blockers, enable quick decisions and drive the delivery of the required benefits.



  • As a result, the company was able to progress with their transformation agenda in conjunction with navigating the complex COVID-19 period.

“Project One has put in the new operating model, systems of change, procedures and lifecycle management that has set us up really effectively for the months and years ahead”


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