Delivering improved Information Management in the defence sector


Our Defence customer focusses on the manufacturing and maintenance of land vehicles for military use. In particular, the new business will play a major part in the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) Programme and other strategic combat vehicle programmes, while also providing support to the British Army’s in-service armoured vehicle fleets.  


The business is in the process of being set up on its own IT systems estate. In parallel, it is undergoing significant change to the associated SAP estate as well as establishing the new manufacturing processes and systems required for the new Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) Programme. 


The organisation recognised that Information Management was an issue as there was limited documentation or understanding of the data landscape being transitioned. There was also an appreciation that data maturity within the organisation was low. 


Project One was asked to provide the strategy and focus to address improvements in Information Management capability whilst ensuring the landscape was properly documented to support the on-going transition taking place in systems and process. 


Project One worked with the customer to develop an overall Information Management approach addressing Data Governance and Ownership, Master Data Management, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, and wider business awareness of Information Management. This involved providing a framework within which they could address these issues in a pragmatic way with limited resources. Implementation plans and actions were created together with the overall approach. 


In parallel with addressing the wider Information Management challenges, a detailed discovery and documentation activity was undertaken to capture and map the data landscape. This was required to address a significant challenge and gap in understanding around the data landscape that had not previously been documented. It involved both top-down and bottom-up analysis to survey systems and data stores and understand the linkages between them. A set of detailed documentation was created covering the end-to-end data architecture of the organisation. 


The ‘data mapping’ included three levels of detail breaking down data flows and critical datasets to the functional level. These were produced for the current state, a planned interim state and an ‘end-state’ view.  


Project One has provided our customer with a jump-start in their Information Management journey. They now can continue to build out their Information Management capability and increase maturity in an incremental manner as the organisation develops. The Governance and IM frameworks will support on-going compliance with the applicable regulations. 


The work delivered by Project One has also ensured the transition onto their own managed network can be completed successfully by providing the detailed understanding required regarding data dependencies between systems. 



The Project One value add:


Project One brought the following benefits to Information Management: 


  • A structured approach to Information Management maturity allowing incremental growth for an organisation near the beginning of its IM journey. 
  • The ability to understand change impacts on the existing and planned IT estate through the provision of a comprehensive set of artefacts describing the Information estate across all functions. 

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