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The organisational landscape supporting skills development across the Nuclear sector had evolved over many years through a series of policy changes and government initiatives. The result was a fragmented environment consisting of multiple organisations with differing, yet overlapping, responsibilities. For employers across the sector this created confusion and a lack of clarity on the role of the different skills organisations in supporting their requirements. 


Project One was commissioned by the employer-led body responsible for the Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan to undertake an independent assurance review of this organisational landscape. A series of interviews were conducted with a wide range of employer organisations, as well as with the skills organisations operating within the sector.


The commissioning body were engaged, to understand the alignment between the strategic plan and the current landscape, and a workshop was facilitated for all stakeholders to share initial findings and recommendations. 


The outcome of the review was a comprehensive report describing the key strengths and weaknesses of the current landscape, setting out a clear organisational blueprint for an improved organisational landscape for the Nuclear sector and outlining the recommended next steps to support implementation of this blueprint. 

“The review has completed delivery of its scope of work, concluding with the production of the report. I would like to thank the members of the Project Board for their input and contribution towards the successful project delivery, and particularly thank Project One for an excellent report.” 

Project Sponsor

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