Enabling digital first at a European telco

Organisations the world over are focused on digitisation. They are repositioning their customer proposition for the digital age – making the most of digital opportunities for themselves, their customers, and enabling future opportunities and revenue streams for businesses they support.


To meet these ambitions requires both a digital transformation and supporting technology change, and, in many cases, a change in mindset. We live in a world where customer expectations are rising, they demand digital options as their channels of choice, with a clear preference for mobile first. This necessity has placed customer centricity at the heart of the approach for how best to shape the transformation.


Telenet, Belgium’s largest cable broadband provider, wants to remain relevant, and retain their drive to be innovative. To do so, they had to consider how to meet, and exceed, these new digital expectations when creating their strategy. This transformation is creating business disruption at levels previously unseen, driving a demand to adapt at speed with increasing levels of agility. This ambition is at the core of Telenet’s strategy, a strategy that will deliver a ‘Digital First’ customer experience, allowing businesses to grow and consumers to enjoy a seamless experience, creating an ever more effortless, safer, faster and more powerful experience.


True to the organisational vision to lead via superior networks and platforms, Telenet is investing in the upgrade, modernisation and digitisation of the organisations eco-system. Digital First is the engine that will drive Telenet’s success – Project One is proud to be a partner in making Digital First a reality. 


To realise their ambition, Telenet’s Darwin Programme set out to enable and deliver their future digital and core systems platform, known as Origin. This is the largest and most complex transformation in the organisation’s history. Origin will enable Telenet to respond rapidly to changing customer needs and will deliver: 


  • Customer facing digital change capabilities: all apps and websites for sales and customer service will be delivered through Origin for all Telenet brands
  • Artificial Intelligence based decisioning capabilities: AI capabilities will support marketing activities to help customers get the best value from their Telenet offerings, along with optimising internal processes
  • Core BSS platform: customer acquisition, customer service and billing capabilities
  • Retail and contact centre channels management: Origin manages the work distribution across contact centres and delivers a new agent experience that minimises time to competence for agents and reduces cost to serve
  • Data and insight: data and analytics capabilities across all customer and agent interactions giving real data insights
  • Digital Identity Management: single sign-on and customer identification.


This is an end-to-end transformation of customer facing interactions and, at the same time, the supporting back-office functionality and processes. Origin will enable Telenet to take a more Agile approach to delivering new propositions into the market and will create process efficiencies and cost reductions across the technology platforms and customer service operations. Importantly, Origin is both omni-channel and multi-brand which gives Telenet huge flexibility across its existing brands and supports potential future acquisitions.


Supporting the Digital Transformation

  • Underpinning Telenet’s digital business
  • Fusion Digital Back Office


Effective digital management of accounting, procurement, compliance and supply chain operations.

  • The future of all customer digital experience
  • Darwin Digital Platform


The core of Telenet’s digital business. A digital platform enabling Telenet to respond rapidly to changing customer needs.

  • Enabling a seamless purchasing journey
  • OneApp OmniChannel
  • Digital channel to market. Supporting loyalty and developing trust through a carefully curated customer experience.

Leading an integrated team of Telenet and industry partners, Project One has provided the programme management to drive the project from mobilisation, through design, technology delivery and business readiness to ensure the changes land and stick in all areas of the organisation. 


Project One value-add  


  • Exemplary programme management and change leadership
  • Dynamic programme mobilisation, design and build  
  • Engaging business change approaches that deliver benefits
  • Encouraging a ‘Customer First’ mentality  
  • Efficient agent journeys  
  • Agile and multi-modal delivery methods
  • Transformation
  • PMO set-up and governance

Launched at the start of 2020 for Telenet’s BASE brand, Origin is now serving customers through all channels including the Retail estate, contact centres, online and a revamped App. Since the launch, Telenet’s customers have benefited from innovations such as a comprehensive, real-time, ‘dashboard’ to manage and tailor their personalised digital experience.


They are also able to have a true omni-channel experience, starting interactions in one channel and continuing in another if required. Equally, Origin has enabled the business to make rapid changes onto the platform via agile sprints in an increasingly competitive market, and the agents in store are hugely positive about the embedded customer journeys that support both sales and service

“Having a number of Project One individuals across several programmes in the business creates a community of excellence. They’re all of a certain standard of capability and can draw on that knowledge beyond just the programme they’re working on. 


When you have a lot of moving parts of change happening simultaneously in an organisation as we have, it is really helpful knowing I don’t have to stitch together all those conversations, and they will connect with each other – I can have the expectation that will happen automatically.” 

Sam Kini, CIO

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