How your PMO underpins corporate strategy organisational change


Our customer is a market leading Pharamceutical company, and their strategy was to grow its portfolio of medicines by 2030 with a major transformation programme supporting this strategic intention. The programme comprised of four Verticals, five Enterprise programmes, and three core functions. Project One was engaged to shape and deliver change leadership aligned to the transformation programme, including in the programme management office (PMO).


The initial purpose of the engagement was to set up the PMO, then lead workstreams through the define phase and to mobilise the design phase. Following the agile delivery success of this, Project One was asked to lead a specific workstream that was struggling to reach it’s business change objectives.


The customer’s strategic focus was on creating genuinely innovative medicines and improving access to them, to deliver the greatest benefits to patients, healthcare systems and societies globally. Their priorities were designed to deliver growth through innovation and pushing the boundaries.


For the customer to achieve its corporate strategic goals, there needed to be organisational change.


At this point, there was a provisionally identified functional ‘opportunity list’ that could yield benefits through business innovation, but these needed to be validated, qualified and taken through to business case approval.


The Project One team’s focus was on the key advantage of a global business services model. This would bring improved efficiency and at lower cost through the centralisation of core corporate capabilities, specifically where those capabilities have previously been replicated across separate business units using non-standard policies and procedures, and in the inefficiency of resource utilisation. Equally important was that, through centralising of the key functional services, the organisation would advance business innovation through digital transformation and agile delivery methodologies.


When Project One arrived, the corporate level programme framework was in place, so our immediate task was to design the approach at the next level. We created the agile framework and change management process that would underpin the corporate agenda, and how specifically this would be achieved through utilising the global services business transformation and business innovation models.


All business cases were assessed for the viability of their value and how transforming and centralising selected core functional capabilities would deliver benefits realisation. Additionally, the benefits were in line with the strategic framework, and common design principles, as well as bringing our Project One expertise to the fore on how to set up a PMO office, to define and maintain the standards of project management for the programme.


Following the successful delivery of this phase of the engagement, Project One was asked to lead on the first project with an approved business case. This corporate change involved the consolidation and digitisation of a core functional capability that previously lacked governance and common practice. The challenge was to lead, coach and mentor the internal team to create a clear roadmap, mobilise the disparate stakeholders and to achieve benefit realisation on time and within budget.

By working with Project One and engaging with our highly experienced change consultants, the internal team were better enabled to manage change, having achieved their goal, benefitted from knowledge transfer throughout the engagement, and have the ‘know-how’ to integrate best practice in their agile management for managing successful programmes going forward.



If you are now, or soon to be, facing challenges that relate to:

  • Distilling and delivering a corporate strategic set of initiatives that are critical to your market value, business model and competitive position in a market,
  • Or are facing the complexity and scale of corporate transformation, digitisation and change challenges that are highlighting the skill gaps needed to achieve those objectives


Then Project One can help:

At Project One, shaping change, change leadership and change management is what we do, and all our consultants are highly qualified with years of change leadership, change management and digital transformation experience for our customers to draw upon.


Our sole aim is focussed on enabling you to achieve your objectives, and our philosophy is that that you get that through the best management consulting team that is dedicated to delivering the value in your investment, to realise the best outcomes and to propel you forward in your journey.



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