Implementing an ESG programme in the public sector

One of our Public Sector customers recently asked us to support them with their ESG Programme which had been mobilised but lost its way. They had an idea of what they needed to do across the spectrum of environmental, social and governance topics but had lost sight of the activities that were in-flight across the organisation.


Subsequently, they had lost sight of the spend, resources and effort that was being expended.


Our customer had a project mobilised in some ESG areas but not all, and they did not have a prioritised view of the activity and where they needed to focus their time


We helped them to map the various initiatives across the enterprise and pull this into a single view. This helped to identify where there were gaps and define the initiatives that needed to be kicked off in order to fill the gap. We also assessed the effectiveness of the initiatives that were in-flight and provided a view on the maturity and ability to deliver the outcomes that were required.


This helped to get a status view of the activity that was in delivery and where the limited resources they had should best be deployed to get maximum benefit. Given our own expertise and understanding in the Net Zero Carbon process, we were also able to advise them on the best way to mobilise their NZC project and work towards making a future carbon reduction pledge.

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