Optimisation of organisational interfaces for a government body


Our customer, a government body in the nuclear sector, was transitioning to a full subsidiary-based model as part of building a single organisation.  This required different way of working between the Corporate Centre and operating companies. 


The Group Operations & Performance function plays a pivotal role within the organisation with its influence, oversight, co-ordination and assurance on the performance and operational project delivery within the subsidiaries.


The Chief Operations & Performance Officer engaged Project One to work with senior representatives of his central team and the subsidiaries to ensure the interface arrangements between them were effective and efficient for the new ways of working.  We designed and facilitated two workshop sessions to explore the current working arrangements, update and optimise them for the new organisational structure. 


The outcome was an agreed and clearly defined set of working arrangements between the corporate centre team and subsidiaries.  This consisted of an overall definition of the interface landscape, a documented Terms of Reference for the monthly interface meeting, an agenda framework for the meeting and a behavioural charter. 


These arrangements were approved by the Group Leadership Team (GLT) and have been implemented. 

Project One has recently undertaken some terrific work for me in bringing senior people from across the organisation and facilitating an excellent outcome. Which included a deliverable! Really good work”. 

Chief Operations & Performance Officer
Government Body

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