Productivity initiatives in the pharmaceutical sector


The organisation launched an ambitious programme to significantly reduce its ongoing Selling, General & Administrative Expenses (SG&A) costs across the business through improved productivity. 


Project One provided portfolio and delivery leadership to the programme, including the identification and shaping of cost reduction initiatives, and coordinating and tracking the delivery of real benefits in the business itself. The initiative uses a hypothesis-led, data-driven and analytical approach to target savings opportunities, with emphasis on third party costs. Project One helped shape the business cases to secure investment for a significant portfolio of productivity initiatives, coaching project managers to produce business cases that are high quality, with a focus on delivering clear and tangible value to the business.


This has ensured project proposals can be consistently and thoroughly assessed by the Global CFO. Amongst the many business cases developed has been one to automate and AI-enable the handling of Adverse Events, Product Quality Complaints and Medical Information Requests to reduce cost and improve both compliance and customer service. Work has now been mobilised to deliver benefits over the next three years. 


To date, the portfolio has driven cumulative benefit across 50+ initiatives with an ongoing run rate saving. Project One has supported this initiative throughout and will enable transition into a BAU mode in 2021 so that benefits can continue to be identified and accrued over the coming years. 

“Project One was instrumental to the enormous success of this programme, from programme mobilisation, establishing Agile ways of working, implementing our analytics platform, managing the ‘day-to-day’ project delivery across internal and external teams, and ensuring quality of outputs including multiple business cases.” 

Senior Director, Finance

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