Supporting the life of a nuclear power station

Our customer is a leading player across the global energy markets. With the parent company due to make a major investment decision in 30 months’ time on the life extension of their power station; the Station Director recognised the need to improve business performance in a heavily regulated, highly technical, unionised and highly safety conscious environment.


Project One was brought in to work with the customer to define a set of business change improvement objectives and create an integrated plan with supporting workstream structures, ready for the delivery phase.


Our team supported the business leaders to define a clear shared vision and collected, organised, and challenged their thoughts and ideas into a coherent set of business change improvement objectives where high priority elements were ‘brought to life’. We obtained and collated all relevant existing plans which formed the on-going activity; understood and mapped constraints and dependencies to highlight pinch points. We then defined and agreed an approach to develop and prioritise the new change work packages, engaging with all key areas of the business.We also identified positive, collaborative habits and applied them to begin the process of embedding proactive, operationally focused behaviours within the Power Station. An integrated plan of activity was formed to include both newly identified work and their existing projects and finally, we defined and created a delivery structure, a ‘fit for purpose’ programme governance framework and a communications and engagement plan.


Our customer was left with a clear understanding of the strategic business issues, a shared vision for the future and a clearly defined programme of work that was understood and viable. It was supported by an integrated plan, delivery structure and appropriate governance, ready for the delivery phase with the leadership and supporting teams fully engaged in the programme.

“Project One has done a great job in defining and bringing to life our lifetime extension planning work. They have also helped me to learn so much more about my management team in a very short space of time – this was an unwritten requirement but provided real value. The whole team have enjoyed working with you. Thank you again.”

Power Station Director
Leading Global Energy Supplier

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