Paul Clark


I have been involved in large-scale change delivery and consulting leadership in the UK, Europe and the USA for over 30 years. My career combines many years in consulting with some operational roles spanning a very broad set of sectors including Defence, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Central Government.


As Chairman, I not only see myself central to building on the success of our business in our market and making sure that we continue to be a great place to work, but also to ensure that we work effectively as a growing team. Alongside my Organisation and Board of Directors responsibilities, I cherish retaining a significant level of involvement in our customer-facing activity, continuing to work with our brilliant customers, focussed on Defence and Healthcare.

What makes Project One special to me

I joined Project One as a consultant on the strength of a recommendation from someone I trust. That was in 2002, and I have not looked back. I have been lucky enough to be part of helping Project One grow into a thriving, award-winning, leading independent management consulting business. What makes Project One particularly special for me is twofold – firstly, the talent we have is incredible but it is also a team who are invested in the success of our business; secondly, I am so proud that we’ve managed to grow whilst retaining all the principles of fairness and respect that attracted me to the organisation over two decades ago.

Paul Clark, chairman and consulting director for Project One profile photo Paul Clark
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