I’ve been lucky enough to spend some of my working life at a variety of different places – a small company, a huge pharmaceutical firm and a top tier management consultancy. Throughout this time I got more and more attracted to business changes and challenges, so joining Project One felt like the ideal move for me.

What attracted you to Project One?

Three things really:

  1. The simplicity of the proposition with an overwhelming desire to do a top class job for clients.
  2. A very simple operating model without the baggage and complications of big corporates.
  3. The feeling that this was a growing company intent on winning.
How have you found life in Project One?

I would say Project One is a company that truly lives by its values and principles. If you like hard work and getting results, you’ll love this company. Oh yes, and it’s good fun too.

My most memorable assignment so far?

There have been lots. One of the most unusual was to close a department store business of 36 stores, employing almost 700 staff, and, in doing so, to continue the UK-wide buying and distribution group. Whilst the outcome could be clearly stated – close the shops, sweep the floors and handover the keys – we worked hard to define a clear strategy over an extended period that would meet the needs of all of the stakeholders to the greatest extent possible: not least the affected employees of the business.

We invested a lot of effort on communications and stakeholder management with a whole range of impacted groups. We were able to find buyers for many of the stores and carefully closed the rest. It was very rewarding to see how effectively our change leadership worked for the team of operational managers and helped them to achieve the business outcomes that they needed.

Why was the engagement so important to the client?

In harsh business terms – the department store business was not profitable and the business wanted to leave the sector quickly. Our client genuinely appreciated our style and the way that we fitted in with their team, helping them to drive through a very challenging programme in a professional and sensitive manner.

What did it mean to you in the context of working for Project One?

Two things come to mind; using the experience of other Project One colleagues who had worked with the client before gave us a insight into the company culture and some of the personalities involved which meant we could make a meaningful impact straight away. Secondly, having a Delivery Director close, but not too involved helped enormously in talking through options and shaping a strategy for the programme.

And what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Whilst working in Project One I’ve been able to take up my passion for competitive cycle racing again – a little talent and some hard work has got me quite a few wins recently.

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POSTED BY: Hayley Greenhill - Head of Communications

CONTACT: hayley.greenhill@projectone.com

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