How many times have we all heard leaders or their teams talk about Agile and/or DevOps, with little mention of a true improvement in business outcome?

When you strip all the hype and noise away, it’s down to these basics – a faster time to market for your changes, and more change delivered for the same or less cost – ultimately delivering to your top or bottom line. Agile and DevOps techniques will help you achieve these – as long as you never lose sight of the business outcome!

In our view, there are four important steps to ensure you get real value from Agile and DevOps:

  1. You get what you measure – so measure differently
  2. Identify your capacity constraints, and ruthlessly eliminate them
  3. Optimise your critical paths with practical ways to improve productivity
  4. Reduce dependencies through autonomy.

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POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director


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