Far too many business transformations fail. Increase your chance of success by making sure you join-up and coordinate all your delivery approaches and methods.

Hopefully you’ve now had a well-earned summer break. I certainly have, and as I sank back into my airplane seat, I reflected on how easy it is these days to reach your destination. So much of this is down to behind the scenes organisation and control. From simple apps controlling your early morning taxi ride to the vast complexities of the air-traffic control systems to the coordination of the travel companies, making sure your flight meets the hire car and that the villa or hotel is ready once the car arrives. All sorts of different methods and processes, all being joined up with the simple aim of getting you on holiday. When done well, you don’t even realise it’s happening.

Work towards an agreed end destination

At Project One, we are passionate about business change. We also know that far too many business transformations fail. Of course you need to know where you are going as a business; to have a clear story. And we have written about this in our insight ‘Creating and communicating a clear and shared vision‘. You also need to ensure you have the appropriate coordination and control. Yes, by all means hand out individual delivery control to your agile teams and empower them to realise benefits, but also make sure that you join-up all those delivery approaches and methods – all that Agile, waterfall, business change or business as usual side of the desk activity needs to be understood and co-ordinated. A truly agile business needs to make sure there are no overlaps and no gaps and that everything is pushing the business to the agreed end destination. This won’t happen by accident, it needs dedicated focus, and we know how to do it.

So, when you sat back in your airplane seat, did you think about how likely it would be for you to reach your well-earned holiday if that behind the scenes control wasn’t in place? Re-play that thought now you’re back at your desk … how can your company get to where it wants to go without the appropriate overall business transformation join-up and control?


POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director

CONTACT: david.knappett@projectone.com

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