How do you stand out when everyone sells the same products, services and content? Is there a way to justify charging a premium in a commoditised market? How do you avoid the race to the bottom of the market and protect your margins in the process? We are finding that these are conundrums facing many companies right now.

There is an alternative

In the midst of relentless price competition in many markets, there are companies that are bucking the trend, by focusing on service, rather than cost: companies that provide outstanding customer service and have grown both revenues and profits despite the economic downturn by sticking to that strategy.

Sainsbury’s, Virgin Media and the Apple Store are examples of companies who sell products and content that are also available through other competitors. Yet all of those companies are thriving thanks to high levels of customer loyalty and up-selling driven by outstanding service.

In a time-poor world with an abundance of choices, a great customer experience can be the difference between keeping and losing a customer. This has a real impact on results: the lifetime value of a loyal customer can be vast, especially when referrals are added into the virtuous circle of customer retention and repeat purchases.

A growing number of companies are recognising that when they make employees and customers their priority, the resulting payback justifies their upfront investment many times over. But the question is how to turn a strategy based on building outstanding customer experiences into reality?

We can help you to define what a great customer experience means to your organisation and then make it happen. Our team will work with you diligently, carefully asking the right questions to enable us to develop solutions. Together, we can build a strategy for your customer experience that doesn’t just look good on paper: it really works in practice and delivers business value.

Redefining the moments that matter in your customer experience

Our experienced consultants – supported by expert delivery directors – will help you to reengineer your customer services to ensure that the moments of truth that define how customers perceive a brand are outstanding experiences. Most importantly, we take your plans and drive them through to delivery with you, supporting at every stage with practical, relevant and timely advice.

From restructuring field force operations to increase customer satisfaction, through to cultural transformations in call centres, our programme directors have deep experience of critical change that is often the decisive factor when undertaking customer service transformation on a large scale. We back this up with knowledge and best practice sharing and the support of our team of expert change leaders to give you the best possible answers for your challenges.

By taking a holistic and strategic approach to your change, you can transform the customer experience more quickly, building a clear vision that considers all of the implications for your organisation and then driving the changes through to the business results that you need.

We can help you turn the moments that matter in your customer relationships into real business results

POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director


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