Our customer, a low-cost airline group, has seen significant growth over the last 25 years and the appetite for strategic and complex change has grown along with it. Their ability to execute fully on their ambition is hampered by significant issues and constraints across IT, data and change; and historic failed attempts to address some of these constraints have compounded issues.

In an ever-competitive post-COVID-19 landscape, the airline needs to stay ahead of the game to drive commercial growth and the operational efficiency of the business. The business needs to address the ability to deliver effectively, efficiently and have the agility to scale as required.

To do this they need to build from the understanding of the underlying issues that have historically constrained IT-enabled change and implement the end-to-end improvement plan, delivering quick wins that add to the bottom line and medium-term foundational fixes that will deliver a much more Agile business.

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POSTED BY: Andrea Stott

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