The Challenge

ReAssure is one of the biggest life companies in the UK – they have over 3 million policies on their books, and look after investments of over £44 billion for their customers.

They have invested heavily in their buildings, infrastructure, IT and more; making the business far more dynamic, collaborative, results-focused and progressive. A joined-up change delivery function was imperative to the ongoing growth and success of the business.

Following the acquisition of Guardian in 2016, the organisation restructured and rebranded as ReAssure. Jon Whitaker took on the role of COO, with a key objective to transform the change delivery function. Although ‘big integration’ delivery was successful, as a growing business, ReAssure has an increasing amount of other change to go through.

Initially, Project One undertook a short piece of work to provide a framework that assessed the way they were operating, where they wanted to get to, and the actions required. They then agreed the framework of what they wanted to achieve over the next 18 months. A programme that Project One would help to implement and manage overall.


“It was really helpful because Project One drew upon their experience of what ‘good’ looks like and identified common flaws, producing a best practice framework – not an out-of-the-box change methodology. Project One Consultant, Jane Logie, had the credibility and experience to work at a senior level and with different components of the business that contribute to change – this was critical for me.”

Jon Whitaker, COO

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POSTED BY: Hayley Saich - Head of Marketing

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