The Defence Sector, in the UK and overseas, is both vibrant and in need of constant change:

  • Especially in uncertain times, national economies find stability, security and prosperity from this critical sector
  • It is a highly competitive global marketplace, where the traditional model of the one large domestic supplier is being challenged
  • The export market is adding new challenges to how businesses design and manufacture craft and equipment and how in turn they rely on innovation and change towards much more efficient supporting operations.

Our experience

Project One has spent half its life working with the largest and most forward-looking Defence Industry players in the UK and overseas. We have led dozens of change and transformation programmes, stretching from deep into finance, HR, supply chain and IT operations, right through to the design, manufacture and delivery of equipment.

Around a third of our change leaders have experience in this sector, and we can bring a potent mix of how to deliver change in the Defence Industry and our learnings from across other industrial and manufacturing environments. Take a look at just a flavour of the capabilities we have and the engagements we’ve led and get in touch with us to discuss how we can support your ambitions.

Project One – Defence Sector Experience

POSTED BY: Paul Clark - Consulting Director and Chairman

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