These are unprecedented times for our country, which are putting additional demands on Public Sector bodies:

  • Front line NHS hospitals continue to respond to the challenges brought about by COVID-19, alongside the backlog of demand of critically ill patients
  • Supporting NHS services attempt to meet increased requirements for equipment, such as PPE and ICU beds
  • Police and law enforcement services try to deal with continual changes to legislation to support the management of the pandemic
  • Local Government organisations increasingly support the implementation of changes in
    their areas
  • Central Government departments continue to manage complex, national initiatives, whilst preparing for other challenges heading our way from the recession, EU Exit and Net Zero
    Carbon agenda.

All of this places significant pressure on the continued delivery of vital change and transformation plans across Government and the wider Public Sector. Project One is actively involved in supporting Public Sector organisations to deal with these challenges. From central Government departments, NHS functions, Public Sector arms-length bodies and regulatory bodies, we are helping to shape, plan and deliver the complex change which is currently being driven across the sector as a whole.

Take a look at our capabilities and some of the engagements we have been, and continue to be, involved in and get in touch with us to discuss how we can support your ambitions.

POSTED BY: John Howarth - Consulting Director

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