The Challenge

Digital Health is a critical portfolio of programmes, driving transformation to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs of clinical development. Organisational changes in 2019 facilitated a need to provide a consistent programme management approach across two pivotal programmes.

Our Approach

Project One directed and guided the programmes, based on their trusted status achieved within R&D IT over the previous 12 months. A new programme operating model was defined and implemented using a dual track Agile approach, bringing business and IT teams together with a unified purpose. Teams were stabilised and a set of enduring capabilities embedded to allow the programmes to deliver through a more efficient and productive operating model. Key focus areas were product platform delivery model, roles and responsibilities, executive stakeholder management, risk and dependency management.

The Outcomes

Focused and organised programme Uplifted efficiency, effectiveness and decision making – in the field of clinical trial shaping, reporting and monitoring.


“I have been impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the programme management provided by Project One. In a very short time, and with great collaboration and leadership, our global team has transitioned to its new operating model and robust processes. Most importantly great routines for building a strong team culture and openness in regular feedback and review have been implemented with great effect.”

Transformation Leader, Digital Health

POSTED BY: David Bowen

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