A number of infrastructure incidents occurred during John Lewis’ peak trading period and further risks were identified ahead of the following peak trading period. Consequently, the Partnership had established a programme to mitigate technology risks and remediate hardware risks and single points of failure, whilst improving fault domains through targeted changes.

Project One were asked to provide leadership to increase the clarity, pace and delivery certainty. A rapid response programme team brought together with internal and supplier/contractors, who delivered a significant improvement to the core infrastructure. Over 300 individual bespoke built items of hardware implemented through 550 changes over the course of an eight-week period before the ‘Change Freeze’. Changes were undertaken without impacting the varying trading businesses


“It has been a fantastic achievement by the team to have implemented such widespread change in our core infrastructure without causing a major impact to any of the Partnership. This has been an even more extraordinary achievement as we were working to such a fixed deadline of peak trading – there was no contingency to let this overrun – and it is testament to the professionalism and commitment of the team that we delivered on time and under budget. This work has mitigated the issues we saw in our infrastructure last peak and has implemented a core platform to support growth over the next few years”.

Grayson Bowler, Programme Sponsor, PSIT Head of Architecture & Strategy, John Lewis Partnership.

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