Morrisons launch of its Nutmeg children’s brand was a great success, beating expectations for the first full month of trading. Yet just eighteen months earlier Morrisons had never been involved in own label clothing, when they decided to enter the market under the Nutmeg brand.

This move was strategically important, as insight had shown that it was high on the list of categories that customers wanted to see in Morrisons stores. It was a significant challenge: designing a range is one thing, but the entire process to get it into stores is something altogether different. They decided to work with Project One to make it happen.



Turning a start-up clothing brand into a significant revenue stream for one of the UK’s leading supermarkets. Launching a completely new category with new branding into a live supermarket environment is challenging enough, but establishing a new company within a company and all of the processes to get that new brand into stores is real enterprise-wide change.

Time was tight. We had less than twelve months from the day that we started at Morrisons through to launch in over 100 stores across the UK. Also, we had to help establish a new strategic location for Morrisons in Leicestershire to leverage the market skills that predominantly reside in that area.

Morrisons knew that this was one of the most demanding change programmes undertaken in UK retail in recent years.



Careful planning, outstanding execution and great teamwork between Morrisons and Project One enabled us to achieve the change without impacting on current store operations. This was tough, as over 11 million customers visit Morrisons’ stores every week.

There are times when a change programme runs so deep or is so critical to a business that there is a need for specialist expertise to ensure its success. 

“Working with Project One was a crucial part of this change, taking our strategy and turning it into real business results”

Tim Bettley, Director of Clothing


This mammoth change was delivered on time and under budget and initial results exceeded expectations. Weekly sales for the Nutmeg range consistently surpassed forecasts. Most importantly, customers loved the new range and their positive reaction helped increase the basket size across Morrisons. 

“The launch of Nutmeg at Morrisons has surpassed our expectations”

Tim Bettley, Director of Clothing


POSTED BY: Hayley Saich - Head of Marketing

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