We all know that any large-scale transformation is challenging. But when you’re implementing a technology-enabled transformation, in an organisation owned by its customers, operating the world’s largest single marketplace in a heavily regulated industry, serving 24 million consumers, then ‘challenging’ becomes the new norm.

Welcome to Steve Adcock’s world. Chief Information Officer at Xoserve and Executive sponsor for the largest SAP IS-U implementation in the world (2017). Steve took time to tell us about the three-year programme, how it will underpin the ongoing transformation of the UK gas market and how Project One helped him to pull it all together.


Xoserve had to deliver a new central gas settlement system as part of the UK Link Replacement Programme (UKLP), centred around SAP Utilities. UK Link systems provide two critical functions in the UK gas market – firstly, the provision of central gas registration systems to facilitate customer switching and, secondly, the calculation of £billions of gas transportation invoices levied to the gas shippers. The programme is also a key enabler for the GB Smart Metering Implementation Programme, providing improved capability to process the increased volumes of meter reads that will be generated by mass smart meter roll-out.

The programme involved extensive participation from Gas Shippers, Gas Transporters and Xoserve. The regulator Ofgem, had an end-to-end sponsorship role given the risks to consumers of a failed implementation. A major +£100m IT re-platforming programme was mobilised in 2014.


Project One joined in Q4 2015 to stabilise the programme, then re-plan and drive the delivery. It was a highly complex, multi-owner, multi-customer, regulated environment with a significant use of IT offshore partners. Therefore, very strong stakeholder management and appropriate delivery control were key to success.

After a successful go-live at the beginning of June, Steve is able to look back on the programme and reflect on his team;

“The thing I am most proud of is the way our people have worked and committed, and shown resilience to drive through what has been a very long programme”

and on the Project One team;

“It is about bringing in knowledge and experience to add to your own knowledge and experience. Through passing that knowledge and experience on, our people are richer at the end than they were at the start. With the knowledge and experience that the Project One team has, it is important that they don’t just come and only do a job but they help to enrich the ability of Xoserve and its people”.

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POSTED BY: Hayley Saich - Head of Marketing

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