A charter for real change

Real change makes a defining difference to an organisation, taking it to a new and sustainable level of performance. Such change demands new ways of working and often changes the way people need to think, act and behave. It’s complex and takes you into unchartered territory.

Those leading this type of change need to think differently. We know from experience that it’s part art, part science and part having the vision and guts to steer the change through towards your goal.

Here are the six beliefs that underpin our successful delivery of real change. They work for us and they can work for you.


1. Recognise the leadership needed

Real transformational change – change that makes a defining difference – takes a different level of commitment, capability and experience. Make sure you have the leadership you need.


2. Invest in getting change right first time.

Be clear on the vision and the journey to get there, then invest in setting yourself up for success with the right capability and capacity. Don’t rush through this or you’ll regret it later.

Project_One_Jigsaw3. Focus on the outcomes, not on the process.

To deliver change successfully you need a process to guide you, but this is a means to an end, not the end itself. Use the right experience to get the balance right.

4. Match the team to the challenge they face.

Experienced people know what’s important and can anticipate the challenges ahead, increasing the certainty of delivery. Don’t watch an inexperienced team fail.

Mountain_Climber_Lightbulb_Graphic5. Create ownership of the change within the business.

Successful change involves taking everyone with you, with the business pulling for it and  eager to get to the outcome. Creating this ownership builds momentum and helps to deliver and sustain the change.

6. Hope is not a strategy.

Be honest about where you are and what needs to be done. And remember, if it feels wrong then it undoubtedly is.

POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director

CONTACT: david.knappett@projectone.com

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