Delivering Change in the Defence Sector

What do the Defence Secretary’s commitments mean to you and your business? Confidence, buoyancy, relief, about time, long overdue, the hard work starts now… Were all sentiments that came through. In March, following the publication of the Government’s Integrated Review, we engaged across a number of our colleagues and customers in the sector.

What is clear to us, is that the defence sector is prospering. With the c£190bn pledged over the next 4 years to build the “global reach and integrated military capabilities across all 5 domains” how can those responsible for delivering these capabilities do so in the most effective and efficient fashion?

This short article is not intended as a debate on the Integrated Review, or to critique our nation’s strategic approach. We are change specialists with many years of experience in designing and executing programmes in the sector, and so we would like to offer a few considerations that guide our approach to leading change in Defence.

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POSTED BY: Paul Clark - Consulting Director and Chairman


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