Driving a business change Impact Assessment

Have you assessed your business functions’ ability to cope with change? Well if you have, you will know what level of change is now achievable within your new financial constraints. But don’t forget to also assess whether your business functions can cope.

All too often this gets forgotten, or at best glossed over in the rush to agree a new priority list, and especially in the current environment, functional areas can be too absorbed in business continuity activity to put their hands up to get involved.

This is not a straight-forward task. It needs up-front investment of time and capability to form an accurate and up to date picture and it needs to be dynamic, integrating new information as it arrives. But it really must be done to ensure business as usual operations are not compromised.

Three key questions that you need to answer.

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POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director

CONTACT: david.knappett@projectone.com

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