Enabling Digital Transformation for global retailer

We live in a world where customer expectations are rising, and digital touchpoints are preferred, with a clear need for mobile first. This necessity has placed customer centricity at the heart of the approach for how best to shape digital transformation.

Our customer, a global designer and manufacturer of household technology, has always focused on providing consumers with easy access to both the purchase and support of products. Their initial e-commerce capability evolved rapidly and successfully to meet consumer and business expectations, but they needed to build a  firm foundation for the future to enable them to scale to the levels required.

This was an end-to-end transformation of interactions with both potential customers and existing owners, undertaken in parallel with the continuous development and introduction of new, innovative products. It has provided the ability to take a more Agile approach to delivering new products and propositions into the market and has created process efficiencies, cost reductions and, most importantly, a step change increase in direct sales. With omnichannel considered as a core  requirement from the start, customer and owners of their products are put front and centre.

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POSTED BY: Hayley Saich - Head of Marketing

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