Establishing successful relationships with your change partners

Great relationships between you and your partners are a critical factor in ensuring major change initiatives come in on time and on budget. It’s rewarding when you’re working with partners where everything clicks; partners who understand what you need and where everyone works together to get the job done. Partnerships that don’t work out can suck the very life out of you, damage your team’s culture and moral, diminish stakeholder confidence and ultimately fail to deliver what you hoped for.

Partnerships are important

If you’re delivering business-critical change, you need the right team. It doesn’t make sense for businesses to keep all this capacity and capability in-house. Partnering with those that can provide the change leadership, systems integration or specialised support, may be essential for you, and if so, it’s critical that your partnerships are set up properly and operate well.

We see many organisations who fail to get their partner relationships right, with critical business change suffering as a result. For some this has become the norm, expecting and accepting a manageable level of pain, but for others it leads to programme failure.

How can you identify and prioritise improvements?

Great partnerships are based on trust, with both sides working to the best of their ability to achieve a common goal. With clear expectations and mutually beneficial conditions, all parties are encouraged to build on and improve the relationship.

We see five stages that good partnerships progress through. Too often we see organisations that cannot get to the levels they want to achieve, because the partnership is stuck. In this article we take you through the five stages; setting out what you need to focus on to make sure that your partnership becomes a strong one, delivering the critical business changes that your organisation needs.

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POSTED BY: James O'Sullivan - Director of consulting services


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