Ian West joins to lead Digital Information Service

Project One is delighted to announce that Ian West has joined our team to lead the Digital Information Service. Ian brings 30 years’ experience in every aspect of the increasingly complex and ever-changing Information market – including, Analytics, Information Management, Data Governance, Privacy & Security. The Digital Information Service extends the scope of our existing services and complements the global movement towards digitization. Ian’s appointment significantly strengthens the Project One team’s ability to steer clients’ digital information agenda.

By providing enhanced insight and innovation, we will further enable organisations to drive growth and value from their digital information assets through analysis, AI, Data Science and Big Data initiatives, and in specific enterprise-wide projects, such as GDPR.

Terry Holland, Managing Director of Project One, commented “These are exciting times for Project One, as we continue to broaden our expertise and core services to ensure we provide market-leading guidance to our clients. By leading and supporting the delivery of their business-critical change, we support ambitious companies to change, thrive and grow”.

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POSTED BY: Hayley Greenhill - Head of Communications

CONTACT: hayley.greenhill@projectone.com

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