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Whether Waterfall or Agile – be clear on required outcomes

Resource Supply and Demand – Are you steering blind?

Why patch management is important

Why Agile is more about mindset than it is about method

GDPR – Data Protection by design and default

Leading or managing change?

Why does change often fail to realise the target benefits?

Transformation and Change Partners: can’t live with ‘em; can’t live without ‘em?

GDPR – Who do you trust?

Outsourcing – never the easy answer

Failing to realise the value of acquisitions? Agile integration could be the answer

Autonomy – squaring the circle with shared service teams

Optimising your critical paths across hundreds of projects

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Outsourcing - what will work for you?

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Capacity constraints – some 80’s manufacturing theory

You get what you measure – so measure differently

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