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Transformation programmes are temporary structures that use approaches such as waterfall, agile and hybrid to drive and govern delivery. Simple – just get a team, choose your approach, and get on with it!


Actually, it isn’t that simple, there are lots of elements you need to get right from the start to achieve world-class delivery. Such as a clear vision, a realistic plan, the right leadership, great stakeholder engagement, clear accountability, the right people with the right skills and a clear design. 


Well, in our experience most organisations do define a vision, are able to draft a plan, have leadership, are able to engage stakeholders and are able to secure some people with the right skills. But, despite this, very few achieve world-class delivery.


How do you go from mediocre or good to world-class transformation delivery?

The secret is tension – establishing and maintaining a healthy tension between four key programme roles. It is all about the people! 


  1. The passionate Sponsor who has the time to ensure that the programme is focused on success – that the team will deliver the outcomes that will enable the organisation to realise the benefits 
  2. A transformational (not transactional) Programme Director who has the relationship with the organisation, who understands the requirement, can deliver to time and cost and who leads from the front 
  3. The well-rounded Design Lead who will ensure the programme has a coherent design that brings together people, process, information, and technology 
  4. The evangelical Change Lead who ensures that the organisation is aligned and ready to drive change and realise the benefits. 



How to create a high-performing team 


Get the tension right and you will have a high-performing team – leaders with followship from the team and delivery confidence from the organisation. Get this tension wrong and delivery will miss the mark. There are two key symptoms to keep an eye out for: 


  1. Role creep – where people are not sure of their role and are no longer accountable and responsible for delivery (they abdicate) 
  2. Technology led – suddenly most of the conversations in the programme and at Board level are about the toolset being implemented or the development of the new digital service. 


Confidence comes with the organisation understanding that delivery is progressing to time and budget, that issues are being addressed and that risks are well managed.  



At Project One,  we have a team of 100 very experienced change experts who bring hands-on expertise and leadership to deliver real change with greater certainty and pace, taking our customer’s businesses to a new and sustainable level of business performance.  If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

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