Is there value in change assurance?

Most change consulting firms have an assurance offering and a glossy brochure extolling the benefits of independent change and portfolio assurance. Their brochures explain how Execs want confidence that their costly change programme or portfolio will deliver the planned benefits on time and to budget. They’ll explain the benefits of assurance, how their service is different i.e. better, and how they work with you in a flexible way to deliver maximum value.

You may ask, what’s wrong with that? Well, nothing. The problem is, Execs just aren’t buying it anymore! Very few see the value in a proactive assurance service, and fewer still are prepared to spend their hard-to-come-by change budget on something that doesn’t immediately seem tangible.


Is the problem in the messaging?

Delivering change has never been more important or difficult. It’s characterised by increased urgency, rapid adoption of digital technologies, agile methods and legacy and data systems that are no longer fit for purpose.

When you combine that with the usual headlines about failed change programmes and the ubiquitous change issues faced by most large organisations, then surely change assurance should be highly valued and in great demand!

So, is there value in change assurance?

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