In our personal lives as well as our professional ones, we often have to face problems and challenges. Some will be small, perhaps something   we’ve dealt with before and know what to do. Others though, may present real difficulties that need to be addressed if we are to be successful.

Being set up for this success is all about the preparation. Like a runner donning running shoes or a driver checking the route. It is all about giving yourself the best chance.

Our experience over many years of leading critical changes in large and complex organisations suggests that the best way to prepare for the challenges ahead is to ask yourself four simple questions.

  1. What is the pressure for change?
  2. Is there a clear and shared vision?
  3. What is the capacity and capability for change?
  4. What are the actionable next steps?

We always do. It always helps.

The attached guide builds expands on these question, helping you think them through with examples.


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