IT Service Resilience – whose problem?

IT resilience is an increasingly common topic of conversation and has only been emphasised in the current environment we find ourselves in. Having cut my teeth on data centre transformation and IT managed services back in the early noughties, I enjoy the debate of disaster recovery versus resilience and being challenged as to whether there is a place for both and if so, in what ratio and
at what cost?


Disaster recovery versus IT resilience

Disaster recovery is an organisation’s ability to get services back online after a failure or outage and is usually associated with major catastrophic events from natural disasters to cyber-attacks. IT
resilience protects an organisation’s core services and functions, either by preventing issues before they occur or, having robust response plans that enable them to ‘bounce back’ from a failure or
breach acting quickly to mitigate already understood levels of risk against service downtime.

This shift from protection to mitigation is not surprising given our desire for ‘always on’ services that are personalised and delivered in real time via our choice of device or dare I say, even person!
Across sectors we have seen a surge of investment in technology and data centric focus to support business strategies that drive up the acquisition and retention of customers through exceptional
customer experience and innovative new services in order to remain competitive and relevant. Against this backdrop, any major disruption is bound to hit the headlines.

But is it right to expect IT to shoulder the whole burden?

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POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director


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