When change is expensive, complex or critical, then you need a high level of confidence that all is well.

Sponsors and business leaders, with accountability for the change will seek assurance that their change programmes are in control and on course to achieve the intended outcomes. Done well, this assurance is a great investment and will save much more than it costs.

In practice, assurance often tends to focus on compliance with processes and control, with a risk that instead of insight, you get reports that are too detailed and create confusion rather than clarity.

Our Intelligent Assurance service increases the likelihood of successful delivery, by providing early warning of possible issues and shaping practical actions that people can understand and carry out. At the same time, it provides confirmation of those things that are being done well.

Intelligent Assurance may be a pre-planned activity or in response to a concern or change of circumstances, such as a new sponsor or a stakeholder concern. Equally, the assurance could require a broad review or a deep-dive into a specific aspect, such as delivery, supplier management or business readiness. Done well, it helps  executives to focus attention on the key issues, reducing the ‘noise’ and creating a call to arms when necessary.

The way we approach assurance

Experience-based: Our assurance service is delivered by programme managers with experience of different types of change, in different industries.

Risk-based: They carefully set the scope and level of the assurance, based on programme risk, complexity and cost, focused on delivery of business outcomes, not just programme mechanics.

Engagement: We ensure that sponsors and key stakeholders understand and validate the emerging conclusions and recommendations to avoid surprises, and that teams understand the challenges and plans to move forward with confidence.



Gather the important facts

With clarity on the objectives, scope and approach, and with stakeholders identified and engaged, work with the team to understand the true status, supported by evidence.

Identity the key issues

Summarise and agree the conclusions across all the dimensions of change in scope, identifying key areas of issue or risk.

Shape the action plan

Provide and explain the experience-based and practical recommendations that address the key issues, and shape the immediate action plan.

Properly planned and executed, intelligent assurance will:

  • Increase the likelihood and confidence of delivering the desired outcomes
  • Focus decision making on the key issues that will drive success (and reduce ‘noise’)
  • Spot problems that have not been identified or that may lie ahead
  • Improve Sponsor engagement and create a “call to arms” where necessary
  • Provide early warning of possible issues to better inform decision making and mitigating actions
  • Provide clear and practical actions to reduce delivery risk and increase confidence