A well mobilised change programme creates the conditions for success.

We’ve all seen it happen. With pressure from stakeholders to see change happen, the temptation is to quickly get started on delivery. However, if this is done without the right preparation, there is a risk that chaos will ensue as the consequences become evident with symptoms such as:

  • The team being busy but with little real progress being made
  • Frequent changes of decisions about the programme direction
  • Uncertainty about what is landing, and when
  • Confusion over accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Lack of ownership, with people disengaging
  • Costs escalating or benefits eroding

Business leaders have to take responsibility for ensuring that the right conditions for successful change are established from the outset.

The conditions for success we establish

Clarity:  Well defined vision and business outcomes with clear measures of success

Sponsorship: A single authority with the accountability for the change

Buy-in:  All key stakeholders committed to the change and their role in it

Roadmap: A clear view on the steps and timescale of the journey ahead

Governance: Arrangements that allow effective and rapid decision-making

Capability: Required skills, experience and capacity for the challenge ahead

Funding: Commitment to the required funds being available at the right time

Organisation: Clear structure, roles and responsibilities along with agreed ways of working

Business ownership: Engagement of the people who will champion, embed and sustain the change and drive out the benefits

Benefits: Clarity on how these will be enabled, and robustness and objectivity regarding the value



Get clarity

Clarify and get approval for the pressure for change, ownership, vision, outcomes and business case.

Define the journey

Define the high-level operating model and roadmap and what it will take to get there.


Establish the programme

Establish the structure, capability and governance to begin delivery.


  • A team that is focused on driving progress at pace and with confidence
  • Stakeholders supporting the programme with real passion and commitment
  • Effective management of the risks and challenges that will inevitably arise
  • Greater predictability of delivery and likelihood of realising the benefits
  • No major surprises