As organisations strive to become a digital enterprise, with self-service omni-channel becoming the new business paradigm, information has increasingly become the fundamental foundation layer that is critical to future business success.

Project One’s consultants are assisting some of the world’s largest organisations overcome their business innovation challenges.  We are increasingly being asked to contribute more in-depth information and insight expertise to enable clients to move faster than ever before to address their digital goals.

Our Digital Information Service complements our well-proven change leadership capabilities with every aspect of the data, content, information, insight continuum.  The service also includes newly emerging information-centric technologies and business programmes, such as big data and data lake infrastructure, as well as cognitive computing, machine learning, robotics, augmented and virtual reality advice, and programme leadership.

Project One’s Digital Information Service offers five strategic propositions, which can independently and collectively benefit clients

1. Strategic Information

The Strategic Information team delivers advice and direction from the inception of a digital information innovation or change management programme, through to final delivery of every digital information initiative.

2. General Data Protection Regulation

Our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approach is focused on ensuring that all the necessary people, processes, technology and information advice and programme support is available, to lead clients towards a fully-defensible GDPR strategy

3. Core Information Management

Drawing on a sophisticated catalogue of services, our consultants help organisations to control, manage and liberate the value locked within the data and content they already own. No matter how large, complex and disorganised an organisation’s information may be, we guide our clients towards the development of the very best information landscape possible.

4. Emerging Digital Information

Every aspect of big data – and the underlying data lake technologies – impacts vast amounts of our daily lives, but this hasn’t been exploited as a corporate differentiator by many organisations. We are able to assist clients to embrace information innovation, and drive the change required to enable them to realise value and insight from digital information.

5. Innovative Information

Our expertise enables us to assist your organisation leverage innovative technologies that haven’t reached mainstream consciousness. Correctly managed implementation can help position your business as a market leader in the digital domain, and as an industry disrupter to dominate the market. Our knowledge includes awareness of all aspects of machine learning, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and the deployment of robotics to fully automate business functions.  We are assisting clients to identify vendors to deliver real differentiated potential.

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