Kickstart Your Digital Transformation

Businesses looking to grow are increasingly turning to the idea digital transformation . What they really want, is to make a step change in the way they provide their products and services, and with that increase value to their customers. Their aim is to reduce time to market, scale sales conversion rates, to flex with the market and to reduce their costs.


The beginning of the journey

Many start by initially focusing on a digital vision, a digital business strategy and roadmap. They define a vision of what their business will be, in say five years’ time, and work out the steps they will take to deliver their digital transformation. The result is often a large programme or portfolio of work.


Where it can come unstuck

Here’s where the problem can lie. Such programmes can quickly become bogged down in the detail, wrapped around the axel of the methodology used to implement and often costs can spiral. All of a sudden, what felt like a vision of digital glory, and a step into pastures new, turns into a tedium of nightmares, a daily grind of slipped time frames, suppliers not delivering, lowered staff morale and a lack of credibility in the eyes of the board every time someone mentions the word digital.


Making your transformation a success

It does not need to be like this. In our experience, your chances of digital success are increased if you kickstart your digital transformation with a ‘digital silver bullet’. Read the full article to find out how


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POSTED BY: James O'Sullivan - Director of consulting services


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