Losing control of your change portfoilio?

Adopting an agile delivery mindset can unlock huge value in your business but lose the top-down focus at your peril!

I’ve spoken to many organisations recently who are throwing great energy into setting up agile delivery tribes, focusing on optimising customer journeys and product features. I’ve been really impressed with the excitement and empowerment this can generate, and the added value that this bottom-up activity will undoubtedly deliver.

But I’ve also noticed a move away from a top-down focus on change. Maybe a completely new and online business can thrive without it, but for most organisations it’s essential to achieve their business goals. This is especially key in the extraordinary circumstances we are currently in, with delivery teams now working virtually across remote locations.

Three areas of delivering change you can’t lose sight of.

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POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director

CONTACT: david.knappett@projectone.com

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