Managing the increase of large-scale change in the Public Sector

There’s always been plenty of change for Public Sector organisations to deal with. Through the natural political cycle and traditional Public Sector processes such as spending reviews and budgets, central government departments and public sector bodies have had to continually respond to political developments and change accordingly.

Yet, the last 18-24 months has seen the demand for change increase exponentially across the sector. Much of this has been related to the pandemic with the introduction of emergency healthcare measures and financial support mechanisms for businesses such as the furlough and emergency loan schemes. However, alongside this, the seismic nature of other issues such as Brexit and Net
Zero Carbon, have also contributed to the volume of change needed.

So, how do Public Sector organisations navigate this ‘spike’ in change demand and ensure they deliver what is required and don’t become overwhelmed by it all. In our experience, four steps are key to this.

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POSTED BY: John Howarth - Consulting Director


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