Mobilising your change programme. The idea is approved - let's go

Pace is everything. Your customers expect new ideas or products to appear immediately, your Exec Board wanted the benefits to land yesterday and you’re under huge pressure to just get on and deliver. So, work with pace, but if you don’t focus first on creating the right foundations, then your efforts will fall apart around you:

  • Early progress will seem busy but will quickly translate into delays, with disagreements over future direction and the inability to make cross-organisational decisions
  • Costs will increase and benefits will erode, with growing uncertainty on what is landing when and the full scale of the work required
  • You will lose control as accountabilities become unclear, suppliers start to follow their agenda rather than your own and stakeholders start to disengage.

The key to success is to invest up-front to set-up strongly, save money in the long-term and increase the likelihood of benefit realisation.

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POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director


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