Orchestrating an effective transformation programme

True transformational change is critical; businesses simply cannot afford to get it wrong. In recognition of this, a senior leader is invariably made accountable with the brief to act as the sponsor and figurehead throughout the transformation programme. At the outset, this all makes perfect sense.

However, programmes of significant, business-critical change have many moving parts. Each part needs to be recognised, managed and coordinated, starting day one and maintained for the duration. This creates significant and, at the outset, unforeseen additional work for transformation sponsors.

Frequently the work required is on unfamiliar ground and at a breadth and depth that will challenge the experiences of the most seasoned business leader. It is this additional strain that soon dominates. It distracts the sponsor from delivering the coherent trusted change leadership that was the very reason they were selected in the first place.

As a result, sponsors often look for (or are offered) help from external partners to provide both transformation programme leadership experience and bandwidth to help shape and drive delivery, therefore enabling the sponsor to invest their limited time most effectively.

This is a well-trodden path, so why does this often not work? Why does the ‘noise’ from internal stakeholders continue? Why do fractious relationships within the transformation programme continue to hamper delivery? How do you really get on top of the transformation programme to provide transparency and effective programme delivery? Crucially, how do you ensure that the programme continues to be led with integrity, so that it consistently does the right things for the good of the business, not for some other reason?

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POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director

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