All industries have seen a major change to their business model in recent years, but retail has perhaps seen the largest shift in a generation. With physical retail experiences remaining closed for many months, retail operations have had to adapt and rethink how they present themselves to customers. Many traditional bricks and mortar businesses have seen rapid expansion and investment in remote retailing and building a much stronger online presence. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has been a hugely challenging period for the retail sector, it is an industry used to rapid change and adoption of new trends. Over the period, there has been great levels of innovation in product offering and routes to market.

Project One has been working with retail and CPG organisations to adapt to large increases in ecommerce and digital customer engagement. Work has also been carried out across the sector to optimise cost and increase the effectiveness of marketing, supply chain and customer experience in both the virtual and physical world. Many organisations are looking at new use cases for physical space and partnering with logistics organisations to provide customers with remote shopping options which have not previously existed for that particular product vertical. With this change likely to be a permanent one, many organisations in the sector have engaged Project One as change experts to transform their business capabilities at pace and scale.

“We underestimated what it takes to change in our business. Project One came in and helped us shape our capability, introducing best practice from other organisations.”

Award Winning Work

The Financial Times has named Project One, for the third consecutive year, as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies in its annual report, which uses customer and consultancy peer recommendations to rank and rate consultancies.

Out of 1,700 organisations under consideration, 194 were recognised in the list, with Project One ranked 18th overall and the only boutique consultancy to be recognised in the category of Digital Transformation.

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