Is your smart metering programme in full flow?

At Project One, we have been supporting a leading water company in the delivery of their smart metering programme. A new area of focus for the sector, the potential is huge, but how many water companies are optimising the delivery of their smart metering programme?

The National Smart Metering Programme in the power sector is now well advanced with around 30 million smart meters deployed and connected to a national network via the Smart Data Communications Company (DCC). Distribution Network Operator (DNO) users of the DCC data are gaining benefit by having a better understanding of the smart grids in their areas and Retail Supply users of the DCC are developing greater insights in their customers usage on a much more granular basis after implementing what has been the biggest change in the sector since deregulation.

Although the water sector has not gone through the same change in terms of a household deregulated market, the time is right now to start looking in greater depth at how deploying smart water meters at scale can help them manage their water networks, assets and customer interactions.

Project One – Smart Metering in the water sector

POSTED BY: Sean Ellis - Consulting Director


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