Establishing and Running Great Steering Groups

If you’ve had experience of change in a large and complex organisation, you may well have experienced some of the worst examples of Steering Groups in action. You know the type of meeting:

  • a Sponsor who doesn’t act to support the programme
  • disruptive people taking the meeting off track
  • people not reading the briefing papers
  • attendees being distracted by their phones
  • surprises being sprung at the last minute
  • key members ducking the meeting or sending delegates who don’t know why they are there.

These are the kind of Steering Group scenarios that give ‘governance’ a bad name. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Well-governed and well executed, a Steering Group is a valuable mechanism to help you drive a big change through and keep it on track – so it stays true to the original vision and delivers the sustainable change needed.

We’re sharing three documents to help you establish and run the type of Steering Group that makes a real difference:

  1. Your Guide to Establishing and Running Great Steering Groups – to help you set up and run a great Steering Group.
  2. Steering Group Diagnostic – a self-assessment that you can quickly use on your own Steering Group to see if there are areas that could be improved
  3. 10 Dysfunctional Steering Groups – a reminder of just how bad things can be

Please download these documents, try them, share them and let me know how they work for you and where you think they could be improved.

POSTED BY: David Knappett - Consulting Director


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