Surviving and thriving in changing times

There is no playbook on how to steer your business through these changing times. In February and March 2020, many businesses reacted to the new commercial reality by quickly reviewing their commitments and protecting cash flow. We saw businesses across a number of market sectors ensure continuity and move to protect revenue by thinking laterally – setting up new operations or rapidly adapting existing ones. A huge amount of executive energy was spent on crisis management – endless conference calls, action plans and some kneejerk decisions.


Is it time to consider post-lockdown plans?

While COVID-19 has spread at an alarming rate there have been implications for all. But, taking a step back – it is not all negative from a business perspective. There are some positives in this crisis that we can use to survive and thrive. Yes, some sectors have been hit hard, but there are a number of organisations who have been better prepared to withstand the crisis and have even been
in the position to flourish. A key lesson to take forward.

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POSTED BY: Steve Calder - Consulting Director


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