Change Consultant

I am a delivery leader with 35 years of extensive experience in leading large complex IT programs, developing and implementing board-level strategies, as well as delivering successful business and technology change programs for a wide variety of US and European-based companies, and across different market sectors.

I am passionate about translating customer business outcomes into timely program delivery designed to exceed customer expectations and achieve exceptional outcomes within complex technical and business environments.

I am deeply committed to leading high performing, technical development teams using cutting edge technologies through a variety of transformative programs involving IT strategy, distributed architecture implementation, and hybrid cloud operations while promoting excellent discovery and delivery services.

Adept at delivering client solutions, as per business objectives without reducing service quality or jeopardising strong business relations.


What I enjoy the most is the focus Project One has on ensuring we deliver value to our clients. This is a drive through a culture which is within the DNA of the organisation and every one in the organisation has this as their priority. Plus, we are treated with respect and any decisions made are founded on fairness.

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