Change Consultant

I like nothing more than a really gritty challenge.  I have years of experience of designing and setting up complex portfolios and programmes of work, often with multiple delivery bodies in a complicated stakeholder environment.  Focussing on people, I lead from the front, keeping delivery on track by navigating the inevitable obstacles head on and never shy away from finding solutions to issues that threaten to derail the realisation of the intended benefits.  I honed my leadership, organisational and problem-solving skills, and ability to filter through the ‘noise’ to identify the real issues in play during my time as an Army Officer and later as a barrister at the Criminal Bar.


The best thing about working at Project One is the team.  There are years of real life knowledge and experience across the team, but more importantly that is shared whenever required.  This enables us to deliver for our customers with the weight of the wider Project One family’s experience in support.

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