Account Director

Now in my 29th year in the professional services sector, I have worked on and led complex technology led business change programmes across the public and private sectors, with experience in healthcare/life sciences, services, central government and utilities sectors. As an ACA I also have a comprehensive grasp of the financial and compliance aspects of change and operations.

My work has encompassed leadership across operating model, governance, change advisory & shaping, assurance & intervention and, extensively, programme delivery domains.

My constant passion has been advising, shaping and delivering change in organisations and this continues to excite, motivate and drive me now, as much, if not more, as it did when I started this journey back in ’89.

Why I joined Project One

I had been working closely with Project One for nearly two years prior to joining, and during that time I saw at close hand the quality of their consultants and leadership team and the ethics, integrity & independence and supportive culture that pervades the organisation, so it was not really a difficult decision!

Now I am here, I have been very impressed by the range of clients and opportunities that Project One have been engaged with, the vision & strategy for the firm and the degree of autonomy that I have to engage with very exciting clients and their complex and multi-faceted change & technology challenges.